Ginny Moon is autistic. She likes patterns and numbers and schedules and Michael Jackson. Ginny spent several years in foster care, but she’s finally found her Forever Home, and her new parents are trying really hard to make the transition smooth for Ginny. The problem is, Ginny keeps trying to “escape” her Forever Home, and no one can figure out why she wants to go back to a mother who Social Services says is not safe. Ginny tries to tell them why, but no one seems to understand. Now life at her Forever Home is starting to unravel. Will Ginny ever stop trying to run away? Will her pleas ever be heard?

Written through the eyes of a thirteen (about to turn fourteen) year-old autistic girl, Ginny is living a life much like the rest of us–messy, confusing, and sometimes painful. Unlike us, however, Ginny’s autism adds an additional layer of frustration as she struggles to communicate–without letting people see her brain–so people will listen.

A wonderful book!

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Recommended by Dennise


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