I strongly recommend this book for anyone who likes quirky, break-the-mold characters, who, despite their peculiarities, are completely endearing. Eleanor is quite okay with who she is: a no-nonsense person possessed of perfect logic, perfect manners, and perfect solitude. Her perfectly-ordered life, however, unexpectedly falters when she meets Raymond, the new IT guy, who both repulses and fascinates Eleanor with his kindness, lack of judgment, and utter lack of proper decorum. Sloppy, happy Raymond, new to the company, seems completely unfazed by Eleanor’s lack of social skills, not caring that she is very odd–maybe even crazy–and that he, like their other coworkers, might do better to avoid her. For better or worse, however, Raymond blithely breaks into Eleanor’s perfectly-ordered world, and Eleanor, to her chagrin, begins to find herself not only quite fine, but for the first time in a very long time, inexplicably hopeful.

“The book is wonderfully, quirkily funny. You both ache for Eleanor. . . and laugh with her.” –Seattle Times 

“That Eleanor’s social awkwardness is extreme, sometimes painfully and often comically so, is far more apparent to the reader than it is to Eleanor herself — and that we get this through Eleanor’s own narration is a credit to the author’s cleverness and craft. . . A touching, funny novel.” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Debut author Honeyman expertly captures a woman whose inner pain is excruciating and whose face and heart are scarred, but who still holds the capacity to love and be loved. Eleanor’s story will move readers.” —Publishers Weekly

“[Eleanor Oliphant] happens to be among the most compelling and complex characters drawn in recent memory, one who is always peculiar, often infuriating, but funny and utterly endearing.” —The National (Scotland)

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Recommended by Dennise


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