Hi. My name is Katie. And I am addicted to British mystery shows. It’s true. I’ve seen them all: Endeavor, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Broadchurch, Happy Valley, Sherlock, Rosemary and Thyme, Poirot, Miss Marple, Grantchester, Wallander. You name the show. I’ve watched every episode. Probably twice. If you’re saying “SAME!” to yourself, then, like me, you will love Magpie Murders by New York Times bestselling author (and screenwriter of Foyle’s War and Midsomer Murders) Anthony Horowitz.

Horowitz cleverly sets his mystery within another mystery. Our present-day heroine, Susan Ryeland, spends her weekend editing Magpie Murders, Alan Conway’s latest manuscript and the next addition to the Atticus Pünd mystery series. The manuscript adheres to the traditions of the golden age of whodunits, set in a quintessential English village with the typical cast of characters—the vicar, the detestable lord of the manor, the philandering lady of the manor, the respected doctor, the gruff mechanic, the outcast gardener, the lovely assistant, and so on. Yet, the more Susan reads, the more she’s convinced that the book contains clues to a mystery in her present-day world.

Magpie Murders is suspenseful, fast-paced, and just plain fun. It’s an easy weekend read. A perfect accompaniment to a glass of red wine and perhaps a red herring.

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