Riverine by Angela Palm and Half Wild by Robin MacArthur

riverine               half-wild

These two books by up and coming Vermont writers are exceptional. Riverine by Angela Palm is a memoir and the winner of the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize. Palm recounts her childhood experiences growing up in rural Indiana. As a teenager, a neighbor boy who was her first love is imprisoned for murder. This event affects her profoundly and sends shockwaves through her small community. In beautiful and lyrical prose, Palm reflects upon place and belonging, love, family, incarceration and criminal justice.

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Half Wild by Robin MacArthur is a poignant collection of short stories that feature a disparate group of characters from a rural Vermont community. MacArthur’s characters are complex and well drawn, lively and completely memorable. She paints a nuanced portrait of life in rural Vermont, taking up themes of class, race, homecoming, and community.

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MacArthur and Palm are talented writers to watch! They will visit the Hartland Library on Wednesday, October 5th at 7pm for a joint reading. The Norwich Bookstore will be here to sell copies of their books. Please join us!

Recommended by Amy W.


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